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July 02, 2014


Dr. Gary Burrus Jr

I took a weekend to unwind from the stresses of life. I just finished watching 1941 on Netflix. I remember watching this movie over and over again on HBO when I was a teenager. Funny as hell! transported me back to my youth! I hope you have that puppet from the movie....thanks for being a great comedic actor...I really enjoyed it!

Uncle Leo


Eddie does not have the dummy (there were actually several of them), I believe that they were auctioned off for charity.


Any idea why in '1941', Eddie's character and Murray Hamilton's character swithed sides on the ferris wheel without explanation?

Also, Eddie should know that LA LA LAND RECORDS have released the entire John Williams score for 1941. All of Eddie's scenes are on the 2 CD set. He might have interest in this as a keepsake.


It was a Limited Editon, and the 3500 units sold out. It can still be found on ebay. It's an incredible, rememberable way to enjoy Eddie's scenes, not to mention Legendary composer John Williams' wonderful, complete score.

Eddie, your the greatest!

Ari Ross

Indeed, she was (and IS) a wonderful being!

I had a similar (straight:-) experience with meeting William Hurt at a party just after his date, Marlee Matlin had won the Oscar earlier (that evening!). The look of warmth and compassion and PRESENCE was unrivaled and very rare indeed.

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